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Welcome to 100% Renewable Energy Lab

What are our Goals?

"The power grid structure has changed rapidly by the strong emergence of renewable energy (RE) in recent years. New movements for the next-generation grid with higher penetration of RE or developing smarter cities arise from time to time in academia, industry, business, and government. Conventional one direction grid has gradually less room in studies on the power system, instead, more attention is paid to a deregulated, multi-dimensional electrical system with a lot of data layers and flexible operational methods. Researchers thus have greater opportunities and room to work, but also need to face new challenges. Concerning 100% renewable goal in the next few decades of many countries worldwide, 100RE Lab aims to study technical and economic issues of RE in the power grid to contribute to this goal."

                                                                                         Nguyen Duc Tuyen July 05, 2018





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Research Areas

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