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Research Areas

We conduct research by three following ways:

  1. Apply projects from various sources

  2. Under the request from companies, institute, university, etc.

  3. Self-funded to catch up with very new topics

For the time being, it is an honor to collaborate with you on the following topics.

Solar Energy

Our vision is to contribute to effective, flexible, and adaptive photovoltaic (PV) systems. Past and current studies are on PV modeling, PV forecasting, PV SCADA, PV power controlling under partial shading conditions, and PV hosting capacity.

Artificial Intelligence

To keep pace with the rapid development of AI as well as the energy domain, our group aims to adopt state-of-the-art AI methods to address several issues related to the energy sector such as Renewable Energy Generation Forecast, Load Forecast, PV Fault Detection, System Stability Assessment, Blockchain in the electric market, etc.

Unit Commitment

The UC group was established to find the answer to the iconic problem of power system operation: Which power generators should operators run at which times and at what level in order to satisfy the demand for electricity with minimum cost. With the application of optimization algorithms and advanced solvers, we aspire to solve this question as new types of energy and technologies are integrated into the power system.

Smart Grid

The Smart Grid Group of 100RE Laboratory is in charge of investigating feasible applications of smart grid technology to optimize the operation of power system. Our research focus heavily on optimal intelligent control system as well as cyber security in smart grid with ICT infrastructure integration.

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Hydrogen has been produced for a long time, mainly through a method called steam methane reforming, which also generates CO2. But with the development of Renewable Energy Sources in recent years, Green Hydrogen is now possible!

Battery Storage System

As renewable energy sources integrate into the grid more and more, we research on battery storage system - a solution that is not only good in the transmission grid but also in the distribution grid in regulating the grid frequency and voltage.

Electric Vehicle

Our research direction is approaching the world trend - integrating electric vehicles into the grid and considering their effects on power quality and optimization problems

Wind Energy

Our current research focuses on designing model to improve LVRT capability and smooth output power of wind turbine and running the scene of wind turbine when connected to grid with BESS and without BESS in difference condition

Demand Response

In the context of electrical loads gradually actively interacting with the power system, the DR group was established to focus on designing and evaluating the performance of demand response programs. Our main orientation is solving the problem of optimizing the benefits between the participants in the demand response program using advanced algorithms and cutting-edge optimal solvers.

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