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Smart Grid

Smart Grid Definition

An electricity network based on digital technology that is used to supply electricity to consumers via two-way digital communication​


  • Smart Monitoring & Control

  • End-user Satisfaction

  • Economic Optimization

  • Security, Transparency, Reliability

Potential Research Directions

  • Intelligent Grid Control Systems

  • Cyber Security & System Protection

  • Smart Energy Economic (Demand-side Management, Intelligent Energy Trading,…)

  • Information & Communication Technologies in Smart Grid (VPP, Blockchain, AI,…)

Conducted Research

  • The stochastic unit commitment problem considers demand response based on the genetic algorithm (GA) approach

  • Integrating battery energy storage system and demand response systems into the UC problem model


Figure 1. Currently deployed primary and secondary control strategy


Figure 2. Demonstration of Multi-agent control scheme in smart AC microgrid

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