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Demand Response

Demand Response Definition

The actions by end-use customers that change their regular demand of electric power in response to price, incentives, or directions from grid operators

Research Background

  • The electricity load increased rapidly

  • The development of information and communication technology

  • Demand Response become an important feature of smart grid

Research Purpose

  • Design the incentive payment or electricity price in Demand Response

  • Impact of components in the power system and electricity market on the Demand Response programs mechanism

  • Optimize benefit of all parties participating in the Demand Response program

Conducted Research

Method for pricing incentive payments for Demand Response programs based on satisfaction function

Future Direction

  • Intergrated more diverse participants in the DR program

  • Develop and evaluate the applicability of the method in practice

  • Develop the idea of a satisfaction function for a price-based DR program


Figure 1. Demand response model


Figure 2. Integration of demand response in microgrid


Figure 3. Utility function of power consumer

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