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Unit Commitment

Current Status

  • The percentage of renewable energy electricity increases sharply

  • The development of smart grid and distributed generation

  • The concept of micro-grid appeared

Research Purpose

  • Developing the UC for microgrids

  • Assess the influence of power supply components involved in the problem

  • Improve and propose new optimization algorithms to solve the UC problem

Current research

  • Mixed-integer Linear Programming (MILP) approach for UC problem

  • Compare MILP approach and GA algorithm

  • Probabilistic approach to solving the factor of uncertainty

Conducted Research

  • The stochastic unit commitment problem considers demand response based on the genetic algorithm (GA) approach

  • Integrating battery energy storage system and demand response systems into the UC problem model

Future Direction

  • Developing new algorithms and approaches for the UC problem

  • Integrating new power supply components into the problem

  • Establishing new mathematical models for the UC problem for microgrids

  • Improved results in the context of increased sources of uncertainty into the power system


Figure 1. Unit commitment


Figure 2. Microgrid model


Figure 3. Unit commitment simulation result

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