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Electric Vehicles & Energy Storage System

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle (EV) is currently a trend not only in the transportation but also in the Power System. EV connect to the grid will lead various problems to resolve especially in the distribution grid, such as the voltage problem, power flow problems,… Besides, the electricity market problem is also mentioned here when customers charge their EV.

Energy Storage System

As the penetration rate of renewable energy sources (RES) is increasing in the power system, frequency stability in the power system is always a burning issue in power system operation. Besides the solution to improve the frequency regulation power reserve, ESS is also a good solution for the frequency regulation problem in the power system.

Conducted Research

  • EV impact on the grid

  • EV Charging fee minimization

  • BESS for Frequency regulation in the  power system integrated with RES


Figure 1. SARSA Algorithm


Figure 2. The reward after 3500 iterations

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