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Solar Energy

Our vision

Effective, flexible, and adaptive photovoltaic systems moving toward 100 renewable energy

What we have done

  • PV modeling

  • PV array reconfiguration

  • Monitoring, controling and optimizing PV systems

Future direction

  • Impacts of PV on Power Systems

  • Community solar sharing

  • PV integrates with others (BESS, EV, Wind)


Figure 2. PV hosting capacity (IEEE Power Systems)


Figure 1. Monitoring, controlling and optimizing PV systems


Figure 3. Monitor, optimize, control roof-top PV system


Figure 4. Comparison max. output power of the PV array under PSC (with and without PV configuration)


Figure 5. PV integrates with BESS, EV, Wind (Renewable Energy 139 346-358)

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