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The roles of Hydrogen

Hydrogen plays vital roles in different sectors, including Industry, Transportation, Buildings, and especially Electric Power System

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen (Gray and Blue) has been produced for a long time, most of the time through a method called Steam Methane Reforming, which also generates CO2. But with the development of Renewable Energy Sources in recent years, Green Hydrogen is now possible!​

Impacted Sectors

  • Power Sector: Electricity long-term and seasonal storage, provide seasonal balancing for a 100RE system, linking the electricity sector to the heat sector

  • Transport: long-haul aviation, maritime shipping

  • Industry: Reaction agents (DRI Steel), feedstock (ammonia, chemicals)

  • Buildings: Heating grids


Figure 1. How does sustainable hydrogen energy work?

Grid Connected HRES.png

Figure 2. Grid-Connected Hydrogen - Renewable Energy System

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