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Hioki muiltymeter

- Name: Hioki 2306, Hioki 2301, Hioki 2354, Hioki 2332
- Origin: Japan

Hioki muiltymeter

There is a need for use of measurement systems that can provide from a PC centralized management of measurement data to support energy and environmental management. On the other hand, as measurement instruments are located in different measurement sites within factories and buildings, data collection and communication cable laying require extra labor and financial costs, which makes construction of measurement systems difficult. The 2300 Smart Site system incorporates modulated measurement units to take advantage of a variety of infrastructure to collect measurement data. It can be used as a standalone logger, as well as for remote monitoring. The Smart Site will enable you to easily build a versatile and reliable measurement system.

The Smart Site can be used as a PC measurement logger. By leaving the Smart Site connected to a PC, you can use the Smart Site to keep on measuring and continuously save the measurement data to the PC. Because each measurement module comes with memory and a clock, even if the PC stops or hangs the measurement data is saved in the measurement module itself so that measurement can still continue. Data saved in the measurement module can later be transferred to the PC.

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